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Family History

Below is a short history of the ROBERTS (Cadwalader) line and how when come to America from Wales
The great "Welsh Tract" consisted of 40,000 acres on the west bank of the Schuylkill River, embracing what is now the townships of Marion , Haverford, and Radnor. It had been bought by the Welsh people, many of them from the North Central area of Wales, including the counties of Merionethshire, Denbighshire, Montgomeryshire and Flintshire around the year 1683. Two Welsh farmers (yeoman), William John and Thomas ap Evan, representatives of a company of friends and neighbors in Wales decided to emigrate to Pennsylvania and were in Philadelphia around the year 1697. Hugh Roberts went back to Wales and his account of the land in Pennsylvania brought a new group of people to settle what is now called the Gwynedd area around 1698. William John and Thomas ap Evan were in advance of the main company. They had come to select a place and were regarded as the chiefs, as far as business interest were concerned in the new Gwynedd settlement.
The many company if immigrants sailed from Liverpool on the 18th of April, 1698. Their ship was the Robert and Elizabeth, its master being Ralph Williams, and its owner Robert Haydock of Liverpool, England. It was not until the 17th of July, eleven weeks after leaving Dublin (they stopped in Dublin and sailed from there on May 1st), and a after a total of fifteen weeks from the time they left their homes did they arrive in the new world, the home of the adoption. They stayed with the Welsh settlers already there until the men had prepared shelter and laid in food for the winter. It was the middle of July to the beginning of November they finally got settles in their new homes.

It is estimated that there were more then 100 people, of all ages, arriving as the first immigrants in 1698.

The ordinary Welsh of that time had the tradition of not keep their family name, but rather change it with each generation, adopting as the surname the first name of the parent. This customer existed among the Welsh immigrants as the time of their arrival. The English use of preserving a family name was adopted as time when on in the new world.

Many of the people arriving were Friends but our family was not at the time of their arrival but joined the Society soon afterwards. Many of them attended the Gwynedd Friends Meeting.



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